This is a site where you should soon find many of my projects.


I do mostly program in VB.net, but I do know more languages like eg. java. Some projects are requiring internet, where I mostly use my PHP, HTML and CSS skills.

Not to forget, there's also another kind of lanuages and I know the following:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Swedish


To the right, you can find a list of projects I am or was involved in. I'll be adding more in some days...


Omegle Spreader

Omegle Spreader is one of my newer projects, its functionality is mostly advertising on one of the most popular online chat service Omegle.

If you are interested in advertising, I would suggest you to visit the project page to see why exactly Omegle Spreader by noneevr2 is the most advanced and intelligent chat bot currently existing.

TakeBury project

I relocated the project homepage onto here, because of the new powerbot Security class.

To visit the page, click on the post title or in the menu.